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We are a Ukrainian fintech company that simplifies complex solutions

Our success is built on best-in-class solutions, modern technology, flexible products, well-designed customer experience, trusted relationships, and unique credit decision-making expertise

Our Solutions

amofintech  is wholly focused on delivering solutions for payment businesses, banks, marketplaces, and chain stores that enhance the customer proposition of their clients – without upfront investment in systems or process changes

Our solutions enable payments and data to flow across all channels and consumer touchpoints.

amo for banking

Provides a high-tech solution for instant issuance and processing of prepaid, debit, or credit cards. Our technology empowers you to build, run, and optimize your card products.

amo for transactions

Offers a comprehensive suite of modular payment-as-a-service solutions that can transform your business.

amo for retail

Offers a turnkey solution based on a mobile application that can help you elevate customer loyalty to new heights.

partner ecosystem

Is built around a customer-centric platform that enables the delivery of smarter, more profitable products with personalized experiences.

We understand the customers’ journey and know what solutions you need

We’re creating a more open world, where anyone, anywhere, can open cards, receive or make any kind of payment. We’re changing the customer journey and building new opportunities to scale your business.

Our Technologies

Our technologies are a combination of industrial solutions with systems of our own development to meet the most demanding needs of users

Card Processing

Payment Portal

Mobile Application

Open API

amofintech creates opportunities that can change your life

  • Simple implementation in your business processes (easy integration with your existing systems)
  • A convenient ecosystem for partners
  • Quick scalability with cloud-based technology
  • Our own reliable and secure platform

Our Services

amofintech develops specialized environments tailored to your industry. We work with you to create customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your business.

for Banks

We help banks create appealing customer experiences by engineering secure and reliable applications and incorporating industry innovations.

for Merchants

We make merchanting easier and simpler.

Transform your business with data-driven, hyper-personalized customer services solutions

for Business

We help small and large companies reinvent customer experience patterns and implement transformational product strategies.

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    Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 23, Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine